Jason Day Conquers WGC Match Play

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What do you do if a bulging disc in your back causes so much pain that being forced to abandon a golf tournament is a very real threat?

If your name is Jason Day, and you are confronted with a Sunday that could compel you to play two rounds of competitive golf, you take care of business early and take a holiday for the rest of the day.

After finding Rory McIlroy a source for all he could handle in the semifinal of the World Golf Championship Match Play in Austin,
Texas, with the match going all 18 holes, but mercifully not beyond, Day dispatched Louis Oosthuizen in the final after only 14 holes. That match was basically over after the front nine with Day already 3-up at the turn.

Day now has until April 7 to rest his back and tune up for the Masters, the first of the season’s four Majors. He can spend that time basking in the warmth of the sun whilst he basks in the glory of having reclaimed the number one ranking in the world.

By comparison, Adam Scott did not fare as well, but objectively, he did not do all that poorly, although in his own words, his play against Bill Hass was embarrassing.

Day and Scott are currently doing to golf what Laver, Rosewall, Newcombe and Stolle were doing to tennis a few decades back.