Who is Jeff Horn Manny Pacquiao Wants to Know

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Manny Pacquiao delivered an epic sledge to his upcoming opponent, Jeff “Fighting Schoolteacher” Horn, revealing that he does not even know what Horn looks like, let alone have any idea of how he (Horn) fights.

That LeBron-like level of disrespect is the tops thus far in 2017 and should be a major contender for Sledge of the Year Honours when 2017 is closed out in 11 months.

Do you think the promoters might be tempted to sneak Con McGregor into the ring, posing as Horn? For that matter, could they pass off Floyd Mayweather, or is that one too obvious to fool Pacquiao?

Technically, the fight betwixt Pacquiao “The Politician” and Horn is not officially a done deal, but in Pacquiao’s words, he was excited at facing the rising Horn in Australia, where it would be the biggest fight ever held on Aussie soil.

Horn’s promoters are wrangling with the Queensland authorities to have the fight in Suncorp Stadium on April 23. Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum are performing the delicate dance to ensure that each gets his proper due of the revenues the fight would generate.

Pacquiao last fought in November of 2016 securing a unanimous decision over Jessie Vargas and says that Horn must demonstrate his worthiness to deserve a fight against him.