Jeff Horn Says He Will Beat Pacquiao in December Rematch

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Jeff Horn is underway with his preparations for his Suncorp Stadium rematch against Manny Pacquiao in December, claiming he will beat Pacquiao “more convincingly” this time around.

It was hard to view the first win as convincing in any way, shape, or form, so any win by Horn would have to be considered more convincing, but a knockout would be a true doubt ender.

Horn has been guaranteed $2 million for the title defense, while Pacquiao stands to make well beyond that figure.

Horn has bulked up a bit as he heads into serious training, following our preferred dietary regimen of chocolate and donuts, two of the four major food groups. For any wondering about the other two: beer and tobacco.

To be fair, shouldn’t the rematch be on Pacquiao’s home turf in the Philippines?

In the strange twists of boxing, Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum would like to see “The Fighting Schoolteacher” win the rematch with Pacquiao, so that Horn could then defend his WBO title against the unbeaten American, Terence Crawford, sometime in early 2018.

Horn expects a better prepared Pacquiao for the Battle of Brisbane 2. “Manny will probably be better prepared for me in this fight. He knows what to expect now but I will fight differently to our first bout and bring some more surprises. I am really happy to fight the rematch because I copped so much flak over the points decision. But I’ll beat Manny even more convincingly this time. I don’t want to say I’m looking for the knockout but a KO certainly puts all arguments away.”

Then again, we ask, what would be the point of boxing was it not for the pre and post-fight arguments?

Battle of Brisbane I had a positive economic outcome for Queensland and Horn expects the record of 51,025 spectators for an Australian boxing match to be surpassed. Suncorp can supposedly accommodate 52,500, so in order for Horn’s prediction to come true, another 1,475 Queenslanders will have to turn out.