Jeremy McGovern Weighs Weighty Decision of where to Play Footy

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There are some problems that seem entirely contrived.

Jeremy McGovern expressed the idea that his decision to stay with the West Coast Eagles or test his value as a restricted free agent is the toughest decision of his life.

He has attracted interest from Fremantle and some of the Victorian clubs and he says it is not quite so simple as taking the biggest money.

To his credit, he has said that he will not decide until after the season, and we applaud that.

McGovern told, “I’ll talk to a few, as many as I need to I guess, people I trust, who have my best interests (at heart) and have a good gauge on the type of person I am, and what I would want and not what everyone else would want. It’s more about your values because most people you speak to will say ‘just go and take the biggest offer you’ve got and so be it’, but I think there’s a bit more to it for me than that.”

At just 26 years of age, McGovern has, at best, six years left on his clock, so it would seem prudent for him to remember that the AFL is a business and if he does not provided a good return on the investment of whatever club he chooses, he will be discarded at the earliest, most convenient opportunity.

Living in the moment certainly has its allure, but he must not close his eyes that even if he does survive in the AFL for another six seasons, he has to take the long view and think about the next 50 years of his life.

After his playing days, if he should want to remain associated with the game in some fashion, a premiership or two might be worth far more than the monetary value placed on him by any of the 18 for-profit businesses that may want to give him a job.