Jess Fox Poised for Solid Gold 2016 Olympic White Water Run

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The Glenmore suburb of greater western Sydney at the foot of the Blues Mountains was home to an aspiring Olympic athlete focused on a swimming gold medal, or failing that, gymnastics.

That young athlete was Jess Fox and she cultivated her dreams until she broke her arm.

Fox had the sort of natural talent that saw her winning 50 and 100 m sprints at her school and regional swimming carnivals despite a training regimen of only three days per week. When she went up to the state level and competitors who trained daily, her results plummeted.

Following her other passion, gymnastics, when a high-speed crash coming out of a double twist caused the broken arm that would lead to Fox taking up the sport of kayaking to rehabilitate the arm.

She progressed to the degree in that sport as one of Australia’s gold medal hopefuls in an Olympics where the team from down under is projected to make a massive medal haul.

She was in London for the 2012 Games at the age of 18 and made her presence felt by taking a silver medal in the K1 slalom event.

Four years later, four more years of gains in strength and competitive maturity, Fox is the reigning world champion and won a gold medal in the C1 World Cup in Italy.