Kangaroos Winners if Finals Started Today

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It is never too soon to begin predicting the future, because at times, even a future that seems far distant might be upon you before you know it, and once it gets here, it becomes the present and the past, rendering predictions meaningless.

The predictors have already been offering their forecasts of which of the current eight top AFL teams can or cannot win the premiership and some of those predictors feel that the top eight, as things sit after ten rounds, are the teams that will make the finals.

That might be a rather bold stance, given that since the top-eight system was inaugurated in 1994, there has only been the 2006 season where the top-eight remained constant from Round 10 through the end of the season.

The keystone to the prediction would seem to be that the clubs ranked from ninth to 14th are essentially equal and will take games from each other, maintaining the rankings.

The number one Kangaroos are the current darlings of the AFL. Their nine wins to begin the season gave them a winning attitude and gave them a strong opportunity to finish in the top four. The cloud on their horizon is that they have failed to produce dominating wins this season.