Kavanagh And O’Brien’s Horses Contained High Levels Cobalt

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It has been said that rust never sleeps, but horse racing fans might be developing the opinion that cobalt has more than the occasional bout of insomnia, based on the accusations flying back and forth amongst the various parties attached to the cobalt doping saga.

Yes, trainers Kavanagh and O’Brien’s horses contained high levels of cobalt. Vet Tom Brennan now thinks it is time to say he was an innocent victim of misplaced trust in a colleague of his.

Brennan has been disciplined by NSW and Victorian racing officials, so it is unlikely that any of the other racing authorities would sanction his participation in racing in their jurisdictions.

Brennan, Kavanagh, Flemington Equine practice manager Aaron Corby and Kavanagh employee Adam Matthews have lodged appeals with the Racing NSW Appeal Panel.

Kavanagh first pointed the finger that Brennan was the source of cobalt-tainted intravenous recovery vitamins. Brennan maintained that Kavanagh was lying. Brennan then implicated Matthews, who according to Brennan, was told that he had some stuff from Canada that had passed muster, that is, it did not produce any positive results for cobalt when harness horses had been tested.

Mark and Sam Kavanagh, along with O’Brien, paid Matthews $1,000 per bottle for the product, Vitamin Complex, and then used it to help horses recover post-workout and post-race.