Kerr’s Comments Following Four-Goal Outburst Aussie Ironic

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Well, she does play women’s professional soccer in the U.S., so when the Matildas’ Sam Kerr said, or her four-goal outburst against tiny Jamaica, mon, “I actually wanted more after that, being my selfish self.”

That may be our sports quote of the year and it certainly would have been if Kerr were a man and all quotes were equal.

It may still be, but the year is not quite half over.

We promise we do not have separate categories for quotes based on gender or any other distinctive characteristic.

Another candidate would be jumps jockey Martin Kelly, who freely admitted that he committed the no-no of betting on races, saying that he did it out of boredom, saying, “Pure boredom. I wouldn’t even go to the pub to have a bet. I was just at home on the coach with an Ipad.”

Back to the important matter of Australia at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup in France, Kerr has five goals for the tournament and is tied on that number with American Alex Morgan, who kicked five when the mighty Americans, out of respect for tiny Thailand, laid a 13 – nil sledging on the minnows.

The Matildas are through, finishing second in Group C, advancing to the round of 16, where they will find Norway waiting.

The Aussie women have advanced to the round of 16 for the fourth consecutive tournament and we say that with no disrespect for the Socceroos, who failed to advance in Russia in 2018 at the FIFA World Cup tournament.

Norway are ranked 12th in the world by FIFA, so this might be a good game from several aspects.

Neds have the Aussie women quoted at $2.35, compared to $2.85 for Norway. The innovative online bookmaker has 86 markets posted. The price for Sam Kerr to be the first goalscorer is $5.25, the lowest of any player, so Kerr may have been just the tiniest smidge serious when she said she wanted more.

One thing certain, Norway will not fail to mark her well, unlike Jamaica, which let her run around the area as though she were wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility.