Kevin Walters Unequivocal About Remaining with QRL

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Kevin Walters, having officially, for the 20th time it seems, having declared himself out of the running for the job of Head Coach for the Gold Coast Titans, Queensland State of Origin fans were able to breath a collective sigh of relief, even if it does at times seem that the Maroons could put anyone in the role of head coach and still have little sweat in beating the NSW Blues.

The speculation concerning Walters’ future has been swirling for the past two weeks, making for nervousness throughout the QRL as Walters was highly sought to replace Neil Henry.

Walters has won his first two series as head coach, becoming only the second Queensland coach to claim that achievement. He is on contract with QRL until the end of next year, but he might want to consider an extension sooner, rather than later, because if by some unpredictable rift in the space-time continuum, the Blues were to beat the Maroons, Walters would be handed a carton and escorted to the border of Queensland by the QRL security forces.

Walters may have been influenced to some degree by Mal Meninga, who planted the seed that there is no candidate qualified to stand in for Walters, for the moment, at any rate.

Speaking with Sky Sports Radio, Walters put the final nail in the speculation coffin lid, saying, “No, I am still happy with what I am doing here. That would be an excellent opportunity for someone but just right now I am sticking with the QRL.It’s been a great challenge for us so we will continue along that pathway.”

The Titans are supposedly narrowing down a field of contenders to replace Neil Henry. Some of the names linked to the job are those of interim coaches Craig Hodges and Terry Matterson. Two others are Des Hasler of Canterbury and former Manly Sea Eagles great Geoff Toovey.