Kyrgios Takes on Sebastien Grosjean as Coach at French Open

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Nick Kyrgios is the only Aussie on the men’s side of the French Open to get through the first round at Roland Garros Stadium in Paris. Thansai Kokkinakis and Jordan Thompson were beaten in round one.

Kyrgios beat German Philipp Kohlschreiber in straight sets 6 – 3, 7 – 6 (7 – 4), 6 – 3.

Kyrgios has also taken on a new coach, Sebastien Grosjean. The reason Kyrgios gave for taking on Grosjean was that Grosjean had shown no interest in being his coach.

“I just felt comfortable with him around. I didn’t feel like he was trying to get an inroad into my team. I didn’t think he saw an opportunity there or anything like that, which for me I instantly thought he’s actually a good guy, a good guy at heart, and he is.”

Kyrgios is hoping that Grosjean can help him with his next opponent, South Africa’s Keven Anderson.

If Kyrgios’ remarks were not an example of damning with faint praise, we do not know how else those remarks could be construed. Such announcements are typically full of platitudes, such as, “Could not be happier to have him by my side,” “You can expect great things out of this allegiance,” and other such.

Kyrgios admits that he can hurt his results on the court with a negative internal dialog. He hopes Grosjean can give him some positive mental images in order to permit him (Kyrgios) from focusing on a bad shot or patch and to leaves those things in the past in order to concentrate on the moment and the near future.

Kyrgios has not had a coach for nearly three years, and once he did get beyond the noncommittal aspects of his remarks, he did express conviction that with Grojean’s assistance, he can ascend to a ranking within the top five.