A-League Having Banner Season Mulling Further Expansion

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There are some observers who feel that the Australian A-League soccer outfit should be expanded to 18 teams from the current 10 and soon to be 12 teams for the 2018 – 2019 season.

Various interested parties are awaiting the requirements of FFA that will be announced in early 2017 before putting together any sort of firm proposals.

The league is currently enjoying a good run, with fan support at a peak, and bidders for new clubs are lining up for a chance to join the fray.

According to Miron Bleiberg, Football Federation Australia should quickly look beyond the two-team expansion and get plans in place to go to 13, then 16, and then 18 teams whilst interest is keen.

Potential locations for expansion would of necessity favour those spots with an adequate population base, with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane being amongst the first mentioned. There is also discussion of the potential for teams based more on regional appeal, such as Tasmania and Wollongong as being in possession of the requisite fan base.

The FFA is to be credited with doing an excellent job of promoting A-League and is exercising some caution in terms of not expanding so quickly that the available pool of talent is too diluted to field good sides.