A-League Seems Ripe for Major Expansion

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As the A-League has caught on as something to be appreciated when the AFL, NRL and thoroughbred racing are at low tide and those who do not fancy cricket would otherwise need to turn their attention toward international sports markets, more than a few soccer clubs have expressed a desire to join.

Two clubs are definite goes for the 2018 – 2019 season, but a host of others, some yet to be created, some already well established, would like to operate under the auspices of the A-League.

South Melbourne seems to be a leading contender. They went public with their desire early last month and their sincerity cannot be doubted, since the former National Soccer League stalwart was a key contributor before the NSL folded in 2004 and made a strong case for the Melbourne A-League franchise that eventually wound up in the hands of Melbourne City nee Melbourne Heart.

Tasmania is another contender that can make a strong case, as they could claim a large base of regional support.

There is also talk that Adelaide could support a second franchise, taking advantage of AU’s title last season and would just need to secure some major backers. Adelaide City would be vying with West Adelaide, so some lucrative opportunities for the A-League are likely to come from that quarter.