LeBron Wisely Backs Away from the Political Happenings in Hong Kong

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Returning to his usual, taciturn self, LeBron James has informed us that he will eschew politics and international relations and return his focus to what he does best.

Promotion LeBron and LeBron merchandise.

His comments to the extent that Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey “wasn’t educated” prior to Morey’s posting the “Tweet that made 1.5 billion enemies,” which seemed to express support for the Chinese view that saying what is on one’s mind is best left to less totalitarian regimes, was also met with negativity.

James has only the pro-democracy Hong Kong protesters upset.

That lot responded by trampling on his jerseys and burning one to boot.

So long as the jerseys were paid for and James got his share…

James supplied some comments to reporters who asked if he had any inkling as to how his view would play in Hong Kong, to which he said, “No, I had a sense of [how] what I said felt for me. And like I said yesterday, when I speak upon things, I speak from a very logical standpoint on things that hit home for me. Yesterday, obviously, I gave thoughts on what I felt and how I saw things that transpired from that week that we were [in China].”

Trying to put the entire situation behind him, James indicated that he will no longer comment on happenings outside his area of expertise.

Remember, James went straight from high school to the NBA, so he does not have the vast repository of knowledge other players, who took best advantage of college scholarships to learn how the world works, can bring to a discussion of international politics.

He attempted to shift the narrative to domestic issues, speaking of the need to make inner cities hospitable and better than what he experienced growing up in Akron, Ohio.

Many of LeBron’s commented made his appear more qualified to be the U.S. President, rather than the U.S. Ambassador to China, but unrealistically high expectations of athletes beyond the codes in which they participate are often unmet expectations.