Les Bleus Omissions Highlight Soccer Balance of Power

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It would be safe to conclude that France is more decisive than Australia, as the country that perfected the art of surrender has already named its 23 for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia next month, while Bert van Marwijk prefers to maintain the suspense up until the last moment.

The French standbys could make a good XI for the Socceroos, as those players command over have a billion dollars in salaries, which only goes to underscore the reality the Socceroos face when they play France as their first opponent in the Group stage.

Should anything happen to one or more of Les Bleus’ A-list players, it is hard to say any of the standbys would pose much risk of a drop off in ability.

France is leaving home many EPL stars, including Anthony Martial, and Alexandre Lacazette. Dimitri Payet of Marseille will also be left behind.

The financial disparity is striking.

The collective salaries of the Socceroos current 26 that will train in Turkey are worth $75 million. Compared to France’s third XI, it is easy to see why football players in Australia are looking for opportunities in Europe, not just in soccer, but also in any of the footy codes.

Even Socceroos chief honcho Bert van Marwijk has already tipped the Germans to prevail, showing that it is either hard to buy loyalty, or that van Marwijk knows his football.

“They (Germany) have a very good team and have a big chance of winning the world championship,” van Marwijk said.“They have very fast and creative players, are physically strong, and they have one of the best players in the world at the moment in [Kylian] Mbappe. They have a lot of weapons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a result against them.”

Perhaps Brazil or one of the others comparably ranked can get a result.

The Socceroos could get a result, so long as that result was perhaps lasting a minute before surrendering a goal.