Lesnar v Cormier Blockbuster for UFC 230 in November

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We doubt that we have ever seen a man so intimidating in appearance as Brock Lesnar. We have learned a couple of things about him.

First, he was not Donk in Crocodile Dundee II.

Secondly, the current WWE Universal Champion is slated to make a return to the UFC Octagon to fight the current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier.

Cormier made it to the top at UFC 226 by knocking out Stipe Miocic in the first round, adding the heavyweight belt to the one he already owned as the light heavyweight champion.

The winner of the Cormier/Miocic fight was supposed to face Lesnar, who has been away from action for the most part in any code.

The one x factor to it all is that UFC 230 is not until November. Much can happen in the world of boxing, wrestling and mixed martial arts in that span of time, but when Cormier beat Miocic and proceeded to call Lesnar out, the entertainment value of UFC 226 soared when Lesnar jumped into the octagon and exchanged unplesantries with Cormier, along with some pushing and shoving.

UFC boss Dan White seemed pleased at the prospect of a Lesnar/Cormier showdown, telling reporters, “Brock and I have been talking for a while, so I made that very clear a while ago. So we’ve been talking.”

White continued talking, saying, “He (Lesnar) was fired up when he got here. The minute he walked over to the side of the cage, he was all fired up and going crazy. I was trying to chill him out. “He says, ‘if you don’t let me get in that octagon, I’m gonna jump in be octagon.’ He was here to pick a fight tonight.”

Lesnar has been gone from UFC since 200, UFC 200, that is, not the year 200. Lesnar was suspended for a positive result for clomiphene. As a result, he had to submit to testing for six months before regaining UFC eligibility.

Unless clomiphene is a bullet, we doubt it could affect Lesnar.