Loneliness at the top far Less Lonely than Loneliness at Bottom

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Could it be time to stop calling them the Golden State Warriors and begin calling them the Golden State Negotiators?

Not even the wounded are walking for the team that came within minutes of winning a third consecutive NBA Championship in the 2018 – 2019 NBA season.

Those minutes elapsed when Kevin Durant was rushed back from a playoffs injury. He was dealing with a strained calf when he came back for Game 5 of the Finals series. He left several minutes into the first quarter with a serious, career threatening ruptured tendon and without him, the Warriors folded to Toronto and the NBA had its first non-USA champion in league history.

Eighteen games into the current season, the Warriors have won only three games and have succeeded where no other NBA club have.

They make the New York Knicks look good.

Steve Kerr, the Golden State coach, whom some might remember as Michael Jordan’s spear carrier back in the Chicago Bulls’ glory days, is trying to make the best of a bad situation, but the success of the previous three seasons fueled the professional sports reality of key players being primary free-agent targets for other NBA clubs.

Kerr is referring to the players remaining as the Elite Eight and the Warriors could obviously use some sound bodies.

They never reached the point of desperation necessary to sign Carmelo Anthony, but Anthony’s game, including one of the smoothest, sweetest jumpers in the history of the game, did not dovetail with the Warriors’ approach of reliance on three-point scoring.

Stephen Curry is missing with a broken hand and while we believe that even one-handed, Curry is better than 80 percent of the NBA guards out there, he will miss a minimum of three months.

The list of the MIA for Golden State would be a major upgrade for about 20 of the clubs in the NBA.

Klay Thompson, Curry, Kevon Looney, Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell would make a formidable starting five and if Golden State had them, instead of 3 – 15, they could well be 15 – 3.