Lynch to Richmond Raises Hackles of Free Agency Questioners

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It seems like the move from the Gold Coast Suns to the Richmond Tigers is the best possible scenario for Tom Lynch, but at this point, the move is not 100 percent certain.

Yet, it does seem likely that Lynch will move way up the AFL ladder if he goes to Punt Road and if he arrives there for the Telstra 2019 AFL Premiership competition, he may find expectations sky-high, as it would seem that by the time he makes his arrival, the Tigers will be holding their second consecutive flag.

Some AFL former players and significant figures do not greet Lynch in Richmond with much enthusiasm.

Lynch to Richmond does seem like the opposite outcome of the concept free agency was devised to address.

Weak teams supposedly have the money to attract marquee players, while strong clubs face the inevitable departure of stars that is the nature of the business of football.

Mark Robinson is one of those who question the free agency system.

Speaking on AFL 360, he said, “A player like him going to one of the best teams in the competition, it improves them no end — now heightened discussion and you can start it now. Should last year’s premier and possibly this year’s premiers be able to pick up one of the best players in the competition under free agency, is that the system that we want?”

Similar scenarios have played out in codes the world over and on balance; it speaks to the forward thinking and future perspective of the Tigers that they find themselves with the cap space to pay Lynch about $1 million per season.

Former Port Adelaide premiership player Kane Cornes had a similar view, telling Sportsday SA that it was unfair for Lynch to be able to go from the bottom to the top.

Former Saint (now sinner?) Grant Thomas had the phrase of the day when he took to Twitter to describe the move as “…Classic City Hall buffoonery.”

Business is business, although Lynch to Richmond is not exactly business as usual.

Show Lynch $2 million and he would have went to Carlton.