Made in China? Make That Played in China for Aussie A-Leaguers

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Along with flooding the country with inexpensive electronics and casual dining options, the Chinese are expected to launch an effort of a different sort this January coming, when flush-with-cash Chinese soccer teams are poised to wave money around in the attempt to lure Australian A-League soccer players for the Chinese Super League.

The precedent was established earlier in 2016 when the English Premier League was outspent by a country willing to drop considerable sums on transfer fees. That effort continued during the mid-year break, when six international stars decided that relocating to China was the most efficient way to stuff their pocketbooks.

There should be a lot of demand for A-League players, according to one prominent talent manager, who reported that the Chinese view the Australian market as second only to the EPL when it comes to their poaiching efforts.

The Chinese Super League, in order to retain some semblance of Chinese nationality, has limits on the number of foreign players on each club, but does have an extra position for Australian players. They naturally have an appetite for big, physical players, especially defenders, but strikers are not ignored.

Last year, the Chines were aggressive in their quest for Aussie A-Leaguers, but they had to settle for just one, Michael Thwaite.