Major Sports Action Following the AFL and NRL Premierships

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Quite simply, the timing is elegant, almost beyond description. Just as the AFL and NRL seasons are winding down, sports punters can look one hemisphere to the north and one to the west to find major sports punting opportunities in the North American markets.

The NFL opens the 2017 – 2018 season in early September. What follows is 17 weeks of regular season play leading up to five weeks of finals, or as they are referred to there, playoffs. All the teams have spent the interim since the last season culminated with the Super Bowl in February in attempts to improve or maintain their fortunes in the coming season.

Thirty-two teams will vie for 12 playoff spots, with six coming from the American Football Conference and six coming from the National Football Conference. The four division champions from each conference automatically earn a playoff berth, with two wildcard teams who qualify according to won/loss record. The two teams from each conference with the best records receive byes for the first round of the playoff, while the other teams play according to finishing order, with the, with the goal being to advance from the wild card to the divisional to the conference final to determine which two teams will meet in the Super Bowl.

Major League Baseball will also be entering the run home for the playoffs. The MLB has 30 teams, 15 in the American League and 15 in the National League. Each of the two leagues, American and National, will have four teams, three automatic qualifiers from the West, Central and Eastern Divisions from each league, plus two wild-card teams that play a one-and-done game to see which of the two wildcards gets to move on to Division series.

Aussie punters can move straight to the NFL and the MLB following the short period of overlap between those two U.S. major sports leagues and the conclusions of the AFL and NRL without skipping a beat.