Manly Stops Short of Confirming Departure of Trent Barrett

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Some of the information coming from the top floor of the Manly Sea Eagles is distressing, save for some who may be interested in an employment opportunity.

Two openings for which we might raise our hands are assistant accountant and pathways coach.

We have no accounting skill of which to speak, but given Manly’s record in that department, we thing none is necessary. If we were asked where the club stands with regard to the salary cap, we could just say, “Your bloody cap is in the hall closet with the rest of your hats.”

We have no earthly idea what a pathways coach does, but we could envision ourselves in the club’s car park waiting for the players to show up, and then showing them the correct path to take in order to get to the changing room.

Barrett seems to be largely of the view that his issues with the club that prompted him to announce his decision to move on at the end of the Telstra 2018 NRL Premiership competition are largely the result of his perception that he does not have an adequate level of support staff.

Trent, we will gladly coach the pathways and keep the books, so long as you maintain realistic expectations.

Officials at the club did not respond to media requests to provide details from their perspective. A statement issued by the club read, in part, “The club is addressing the matters which have been the subject of recent public speculation in relation to its head coach, Trent Barrett, and does not intend to make any further statement at this time.”

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the club over whether they will be given an opportunity to lodge an appeal to have the $330,000 stricken from this and next year’s salary cap restored.

Funny, that is exactly the amount to which we feel entitled were we to take up the position of pathways coach.

There should also be a nice bonus involved if the Eagles were to go an entire season without us misdirecting one single player.