Many NRL and Overseas Options for Shaun Johnson

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If you do not like the direction of the wind in the NRL, just wait a moment; it will change.

It seems like only yesterday, because it was, that reports of a clash between Shaun Johnson and the New Zealand Warriors was in the news.

Johnson wanted an extension. The Warriors were uncooperative, because Johnson has two checks in the negative column, is he older and his is expensive.

Johnson has requested a release from his contract with the club, which ran through the 2019 NRL Premiership competition.

New Zealand would not even grant him emeritus status and keep him on at a reduced rate.

Johnson is still one of the best players in the NRL when he is on form, but the Warriors informed him that he should feel free to pursue his options, a polite way of telling him that his services were no longer needed.

It would seem that England is a potential destination. France has not entered the conversation quite yet, but it would not be a surprise were on of the Top 14 to dangle a lure.

Many hope that Johnson will stay in Australia and finish out his days in the NRL, but some of the prospects are dismal.

The Canberra Raiders could use him. They routinely light up scoreboards and Johnson’s game might make a good fit. Raiders coach Ricky Stuart would snap Johnson up in an instant.

Cronulla is in the picture, now that they have bid adieu to Valentine Holmes, who we might be seeing in the kit of the Gold Coast Titans once Holmes squanders some time chasing a job in the NFL.

Parramatta could use him. They could use anyone.

Wests Tigers could be a suitable suitor, as Johnson and Kiwis coach Michael Maguire had the opportunity to bond while touring England.

If Johnson were interested in moving up, Sydney is always near the head of the line for available stars.

Other clubs include Brisbane, North Queensland and Canterbury, clubs with salary cap room and the results to go along with that room.