Mason Cox and Magpies Defuse Bombers in ANZAC Day Rout

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Some Aussie journos felt gratified that American basketballer-turned- AFL-footballer Mason Cox’s debut for the Magpies against the Bombers caught the attention of the American sports media, but they were quick to point out that American journos have much to learn regarding proper footy terminology.

The reason the Yanks got it wrong is that the Aussies’ version of the King’s English is rife with colloquialisms that require a lifetime to assimilate. Calling a mark a “catch” is certainly a venial sin only and expecting outsiders to comprehend the meaning of a phrase such as “break a duck” is unrealistic.

Aussie journos need to be glad their Yank counterparts are not trying to cover cricket.

At any rate, the 211 cm. Mason Cox from Dallas, Texas, where everything is bigger and better, including the stars at night, made a favorable impression on the experts. He slotted the game’s opener with an ice-cold 25m set shot. It is hard not to like ice cold, right?

There was a point in the game, won by Collingwood 143 – 73, where it looked as though the Bombers would equal or surpass their dubious record for largest-even Anzac Day loss, a Round 6 loss by 73 points to the Pies.