Mason Cox Makes Solid Contributions to Magpies

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One statistic that perhaps receives too much attention yet is quite entertaining to consider, is that concerning a player’s results in his very first game. Hitting a six on the first bat, scoring a try in the first match, kicking a goal in the first footy match, etc.

Commentators go to great lengths to find firsts and will sometimes find excruciating ways to add singularity to some occurrence on the athletic fields of every sport.

This is not hard to do in the case of the Magpies Mason Cox. When he made his debut with the Magpies seniors in a Round five game against the Essendon Bombers, he became the first American to kick a goal in a Rules game resulting in a win for his team.

He could be consigned as a footnote in the AFL tables was it not for the fact that he has continues to contribute firsts as the season progresses.

He kicked two goals in his second outing in a Round 6 loss to the Eagles. He was scoreless in Round 7, but promptly set a new mark with four in a Round 8 loss to the Lions.

His 11 goals through 11 rounds do not exactly earn him the appellation of “scoring machine,” but his other numbers are solid, especially for someone who grew up playing basketball in America and if queried prior to 2013, would have said, “Australian Rules what?”