McGregor Absent From UFC Rousey to Face Nunes in 207

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Yes, he may put on his pants one leg at a time, just like the rest of us in the pants-wearing crowd, but where he differs from us is that he uses two belts to hold those pants up.

The UFC has reclaimed the featherweight title from Conor McGregor, but to this point, at least, it has failed to compel him to return the belt that McGregor holds aloft wherever he goes, part of a matched set that includes the lightweight belt he took from Eddie Alvarez in UFC 205 in New York on November 12.

Fashionistas are grateful that the UFC does not award title braces in addition to belts, because McGregor probably lacks the fashion sense to avoid combining the two.

Regardless, the UFC will have to make do without McGregor for some time, as it appears that the vociferous Irishman will be on extended hiatus and not reappear in the octagon until the second half of 2017.

UFC president Dana White does have the benefit of an equally attractive drawing card in the upcoming rematch betwixt Ronda Rousey and current champ Amada Nunes in UFC 207. Rousey has been absent for more than a year, so her trash-talking form has diminished considerably, but she did manage to get off one good response to Nunes’ prediction of a first-round dispatch of Rousey, saying of Nunes, “Well she kind of has to say that because everyone knows she gasses out in the second.”