Melbourne Demons Best List in AFL According to Champion Data

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Ignoring for the moment the seeming favourtism afforded to the teams in the AFL Premiership competition that ply their trade in Victoria, there seems to be a wave of enthusiasm for the prospects of the Melbourne Demons in the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition.

The Dees last won a premiership in 1964. Elvis was still very much alive. Neil Armstrong would not walk on the moon for another five years, the Vietnam War was raging and Australia had military personnel involved.

A Volkswagen Beetle could be bought brand new for less than $2,000. The Beatles released nine albums and owned the airwaves.

Maccas was only seven years out from opening its first restaurant in Sydney in the suburb of Yagoona, where a Big Mac sold for 49 cents.

Yes, the Demons draught is a long one.

The Dees made it to the final four in 2018. They were quickly dispatched by the West Coast Eagles in the preliminary final, but their young list, stocked with solid players, is the envy of the competition.

Do not believe us. We know nothing. Believe Champion Data. They have rated the Demons’ list as the best in the AFL.

We checked that list, we checked it twice. Everyone on the list is nice, with the possible exception of Max Gawn, who is acting nice in order to get his 100-game milestone in Round 1 when the Dees play Port to open the season.

Just kidding Max. We know you are not naughty.

Gawn is actually the game’s most dominant ruckman and if he continues to deliver to Clayton Oliver, Angus Brayshaw and Jack Viney and the others the way he did in 2018, he will be permanently moved to the nice list.

We are talking about the list for Christmas, 2019. Never too early to start planning.

Having the best list by the standards of Champion Data is a good place to start, but until that list produces on the ground, well, it might as well be 1963.