Michael Diamond’s Olympic Aspirations Dim

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Whilst he might be nothing than a paragraph on the back page were he a citizen of the gun-crazed United States, Australian Olympic shooting star Michael Diamond has made negative headlines once again as his recent run-in with the authorities after being arrested for driving with a blood alcohol three times the legal limit whilst in possession of a firearm.

Diamond ran afoul of the law back in 2003 and was banned from training and competing after a protection order was issued against him.

Diamond is attempting to have his firearms license reinstated, but the chances of the two-time Olympic shooting gold medalist doing so successfully is not looking good.

Teammate Russell Mark reportedly raised red flags with Shooting Australia chief executive Damien Marangon weeks ago. Those concerns escalated to a higher level when Diamond failed to appear for the second day of a competition in March.

Diamond, according to many of his intimates, is struggling with alcohol addiction and is in need of serious intervention, regardless of what fate Shooting Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee determines for him.