Mike Tyson Exits Kanye West’s UFC Seat Out of Respect Not Fear

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The stars were out in force to see and be seen at UFC 202, featuring the highly touted rematch of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

One account of the affair contained the ludicrous assertion that rapper Kanye West, who arrived late only to find that his reserved spaces were occupied by former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson, intimidated Tyson into relinquishing the seat that was rightfully West’s.

West showed up a bit late and it was assumed that he was a no-show, so Tyson was given his seat. When West did appear, Tyson simply moved to another seat. End of story.

Mike Tyson, in a one-wheeled wheel chair, if he so desired, could raise Kayne West’s soprano an octave higher in the blink of an eye. With the second blink, he could dispose of West’s entourage of bodyguards.

Tyson in a wheel chair would not need to result to the biting tactics he so infamously against Evander Holyfield, but if he did, the risk to West would have been far south of his ear.

The implication that Tyson was scared off by a rapper/fashion designer was good for a hearty laugh, though, and whoever dreamt such a fanciful scenario deserves bonus points for imagination.