Minor Footballer Cut for Social Media Insensitivity

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Words of advice to modern athletes: Put down the phone and play!

An English footballer by the name of Alfie Barker now finds himself out of a job because his fingers were busier than his feet and he could not resist trolling EPL player Harry Arter regarding the death of Arter’s daughter.

Barker, a former footballer on loan at South Midlands League Division One side Codicote, in response to a tattoo Arter wears on his arm in memory of a stillborn daughter, said such deplorable things on Twitter that the Southern League Premier Division club had no choice other than to terminate him.

We refuse to even paraphrase the comments Barker made. He did provide the requisite groveling apology, but it was far too little and far too late after Arter’s Bournemouth side reported Barker’s remarks to Twitter.

Barker’s Twitter account has been deactivated, whether by him or by Twitter uncertain, but for the love of God, how hard is it to simply keep one’s mouth shut rather than feeling compelled to weigh in on everything?

Who cares what you had for lunch? Shut up and eat. No photos necessary. To engage in conduct such as did Barker is so beyond reprehensible that if exceeds our ability to describe.

What was it that Barker hoped to achieve? If it was to prove his utter stupidity and entitled mindset, mission accomplished.