MLS’s LA Galaxy Faces Tough Choice with Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) competition is chugging along, now in its 23rd season.

At the outset, few Americans gave it much of a survival chance.

But what MLS lacked in fan support, it made up with the one thing of which there are copious amounts in the U.S.


The league’s position in the world of sports was cemented when the Los Angeles Galaxy brought him in in 2007, offsetting some of the investment by loaning him to Milan, not that multibillionaire Galaxy owner Phil Anschutz is in dire straits financially.

The most recent news of the Galaxy concerns another import by the name of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The star striker went over this season after his most recent gig with EPL one-time powerhouse Manchester United. He has made 27 appearance for the Galaxy in 2018 and has 22 goals to show for it.

Milan wants him back and it would be thought that it would be an easy lift, as MLS has limits on player salaries and Zlatan receives a paltry $US 1.5 million per season.

In order to pay him more, the Galaxy would have to send another packing. Club president Chris Klein indicated that brining Ibrahimovic back next season is a top priority, even though the club missed the playoffs this season.

Ibrahimovic expressed interest in remaining, and at 37 years of age, he might have eyes on a coaching or administrative position with MLS.

“I have some wishes and demands which is simple things,” he said.

“There is interest in Europe, but my priority is the Galaxy. If I belong to Galaxy, I am a Galaxy player. If I belong to one club, I give my attention to one club, so I am here.”

As of 2017, a team in the MLS can spend no more than $3.845 million on team salaries.

Cristiano Ronaldo alone makes almost 10 times that amount with his new club Juventus, so it is doubtful that he will be seen any time in the kit of an MLS club.