Mobil 1 HSV Seeks Handling Partner to Improve Supercar Results

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In the world of ever-shifting alliances represented by Supercars, Mobil 1 HSV owner Ryan Walkinshaw discussed the potential of a partnership with one of the other Supercars teams with the goal of improving the handling capabilities of their cars.

Partnering with a rival is not uncommon in the motor racing codes.

Such pairings are typically referred to as technical alliances.

Walkinshaw, not long after Mobil 1 HSV severed ties with managing director Adrian Burgess, spoke to the media, saying, “We’re pretty confident that we’ve got some, if not the best engines in the category.”

Good motors do not necessarily translate to winning on the track, however, especially tracks where cars have to be able to turn right and left, rather than go round and round in an oval, such as NASCAR and Indy cars do.

The team is in definite need of a handling boost. According to Walkinshaw, “From some of the other aspects of the car that other teams are well known for, front suspension and so-on, we’re obviously looking at those options. Previously that was something which was never even discussed, but that’s something that, in the last week or so, the team and myself and our leadership group have decided we’re going to look at various options for that.”

As for which of the other squads Mobil 1 HSV might join, Triple Eight, Brad Jones Racing, Garry Rogers Motorsport and Erebus Motorsport are the ones that build the components for their own chassis.

Mobil 1 HSV already supplies engines to Garry Rogers and Erebus, so that pair would seem the obvious picks for an exchange of chassis technology, but that logic could quickly evaporate as the team looks for someone to replace Burgess. If they should attempt to poach someone from one of the other teams in the Supercars competition, things could take an unexpected turn.