MotoGP Riders do not Appreciate Conditions at F1 Shared Courses

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We wish we did not have to share the roads upon which we drive on with other cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians and the occasional train, so we can sympathise with Cal Crutchlow when he says that venues that host F1 races and also MotoGP races present serious issues for the two-wheel racers.

MotoGP riders recently expressed more than a little frustration for the Silverstone track surface, saying that it and other shared tracks, including those in Barcelona, Austin and the Red Bull Ring have rippled asphalt in the corners and braking zones, the result of this year’s iteration of F1 car that provides even more downforce than in years past.

In remarks published by Fox Sports, Crutchlow said, “With the downforce of these Formula 1 cars … Spielberg was a joke. You can’t imagine, even on the straight the thing was vibrating and bouncing.“It was worse than last year, and on a lot of the off-camber corners it was a lot worse, so it means the tarmac’s been pushed because of the cars.”

Motorcycle riders can possibly relate, as anyone who has encountered pavement grooved to enhance water runoff knows the stability issues the grooves create for motorcycles.

Even though some tracks have been resurfaces, says Crutchlow, within a year, the tracks are once again bumpy.

F1 drivers might feel likewise, since the distance between the bottom of their cars and the track is razor-thin. It is not uncommon to see sparks flying out of the underside of the cars as they navigate high-speed turns.

Resurfacing tracks is expensive, especially given that the results do not stand up to the forces exerted on them during motorsport events. Even more expensive, however, would be to have separate venues for every motorsport that is held.

It would be akin to Victoria based AFL teams proclaiming a complete unwillingness to share the MCG.