Multitasking Warne Plugs Book and Defends Steve Smith

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The name of Shane Warne has sprung often from our fingers of late, meaning that things are starting to heat up on the cricket pitch.

We mentioned him recently when noting the comparisons being made between Warne and young spinning sensation Lloyd Pope and now Warne is back front and centre for his defense of Steve Smith.

Warne called Smith a “good guy” who made a “silly mistake,” so the tally stands at World, seven billion something against, Smith, one.

Sometime in March, Smith will be reinstated and it no longer seems doubtful that he will be welcomed back with widespread arms, as he is sorely missed, judging by recent outcomes.

Warne was on the telly to promote his book, “No Spin,” when he told Leigh Sales on “The 7:30 report that the penalties handed to Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft were too severe.

That may be a case of going with the popular sentiment and a ploy to increase book sales, but most people would agree that if anyone were capable of objectivity, it would be Warne.

“I will say this about Steve Smith as captain of the side,” Warne said. “Steve Smith is a good person. He made a silly mistake, an error in judgment. I think in this country we’re too quick to hang people and just nail them.”

Smith stood up and took responsibility for the Cape Town affair and we may never know the true extent of his involvement, but if this were America, not only would Smith be banned, on the eve of his return, people from his distant past would suddenly appear and level every sort of allegation imaginable at him.

Warne, in his defense of Smith, pointed out that the one-year absence equates to a fine of roughly $8 – 10 million.

That hardly evokes any sympathy for Smith from us, but if Warne’s book draws that sort of sales, maybe he could divvy up the proceeds and help Smith to get back on his feet.