NAB Challenge That Gets Under Way With Friendly Games

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Those interested in following the developments of the NAB Challenge that gets under way shortly will see each club play three “friendly” matches prior to the start of the home-and-away season proper.

The definition of “friendly” is of course subject to much interpretation, but since there will be no official winner, as has been the case with pre-season tournaments previously, the matches in all probability feature a lot of play by juniors seeking to move up the ranks and veterans trying to prolong their careers attempting to get on the lists.

The AFL is staying with the format that has been the NAB Challenge for the previous two seasons, with each team getting at least one week off to rest and recover and to fine-tune strategies for when the games matter.

The games will be played all across the country in different venues, some of those venues hosting AFL games for the first time, including far-flung locales such as MacKay, Mount Barker and Wagga Wagga.

A lot of attention will be focused on up-and-comers, such as the Magpies’ Darcy Moore, who is creating much buzz for his potential to excite Pies supporters in a way not seen in Collingwood for many years.