Nat Fyfe Says Immediate Future Lies With Fremantle Dockers

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Speculation that Fremantle Dockers superstar midfielder Nat Fyfe was seriously considering defecting to the St. Kilda Saints was vehemently put to rest by the 2015 Brownlow Medal winner when he claimed that it is his intention to sign a new deal with the Dockers at some point next season.

He said that the potential of moving to another club was something that was explored by him as a matter of conscientiously examining his prospects. Translation: It does not seem as though the table was large enough to hold the money he would require and top-four teams already had their list in order.

Along with the Saints, Gold Coast had waved the do-re-mi about in an attempt to lure Fyfe.

Part of the problem as far as securing the type of deal Fyfe deserves is that he is seen as damaged goods after shutting down for the season after the fifth round. A bulging disk in his back was cause for concern, but seemed to be manageable, but a knee ligament injury that required reconstructive surgery introduced an “x” factor of uncertainty that probably resulted in offers seeking his services at a damaged goods discount.

He is under contract to Fremantle for 2017 and a good outing next season might give him the sort of leverage in free agency that will resurrect speculation regarding his future club.