Nate Myles’ Disposition, Is On Record That The Maroons Will Benefit From Suspensions

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A sunny disposition and an attitude of eternal optimism seems to be a significant part of Nate Myles’ disposition, because he is on record as claiming that the Maroons will actually benefit from the suspensions handed to eight players by the QRL after the shenanigans at last month’s Emerging Origin camp.

Myles was very complimentary in regards to the way new Maroons’ coach Kevin Walters and skipper Cameron Smith dealt with the situation. They demanded respect for the jersey and said that high expectations of conduct were equally important to rugby playing ability.

The suspensions may seem harsh to some in light of the fact that only one of the eight players ran afoul of the law, but it is often the case that nipping these things in the bud will pay dividends in the long run and teach youngsters to appreciate the honour of playing Origin. Team rules are in place for a reason, mainly to show the importance of the team beyond the individual.

Three players who were good potential candidates for selection will hopefully be more motivated in the future and use the disciplinary experience in a positive fashion and learn that Australian rugby players are held to a higher standard than the players of countries with less respect for the traditions of sportsmanship and team solidarity.