NBL Blitz Not Exactly Stellar Debut for Andrew Bogut

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Basketball players, all of them, to a man, or a woman as the case may be, have a simple view to what constitutes a foul and what does not.

Anytime they miss a shot, it can only be because they were hacked in the process of shooting. Nothing else can explain the miss. When they are called for a foul, they look around with a befuddled expression as though to claim that the possibility of their committing a foul is so far-fetched as to defy the law of physics.

Andre Bogut is not known for taking a lot of shots, but he took a verbal one at the officiating crews at the NBL Blitz, when he called out the refs for calling 53 fouls in his Sydney Kings sides’ 98 – 91 loss to the Adelaide 36ers.

Bogut and two other Kings starters, Jerome Randle and Kevin Lisch, fouled out of the game.

After, Bogut expressed the views that the officiating was far too tight, but he is adjusting to the NBL game while still playing as though in the NBA, where officials have been known to swallow whistles for contact that would draw a foul in any other basketball code.

During the NBA playoffs, some fouls go unnoticed and some of those fouls are nothing short of criminal assault.

Bogut said, “They weren’t great, but that’s to be expected,” Bogut said post-game.”They called 53 or 54 fouls. If I was a fan who came to watch this, I would leave at half time.”

Was Bogut gone by halftime?

Bogut claims he was not making his statements because his side lost, but the NBL is taking steps to improve the quality of its officiating, and the lack thereof over the past several seasons has not gone unnoticed.

Bogut’s coach, Andrew Gaze, played diplomat, bringing up the fact that the game was a pre-season affair.

To the NBL’s credit, they have brought in former NBA director of referees, to consult with NBL officiating crews.