NFL Free Agency Supplies Handsome Rewards to Players

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Even though the annual rumour frenzy that is known as the NFL free agency period has ended without any definitive word on the fate of veteran Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo, Romo himself has taken the proactive step of taking to social media to thank the fans of Dallas for their support over the years and bid adieu to the city of Dallas.

The 36-year-old lost his job to a relatively unheralded Dax Prescott last season, his injury history no doubt playing a major role.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is holding onto Romo for the moment, hoping he can find a sucker willing to assume the burden of Romo’s $24 million 2017-salary cap hit for 2017.

Denver General Manager John Elway, a two-time Super Bowl winner and Hall of Fame quarterback for the Broncos, might be that sucker, as he contemplates a redux of his move that brought Indianapolis Colts’ discard Peyton Manning to Denver in 2012.

The other Texas franchise, the Houston Texans, decided to swallow the bitter pill that was their $95 million mistake last season and cut their losses by shipping quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns for essentially nothing in return. The Texans were so anxious to get to taste of Osweiler out of their mouths that they surrendered a second round draft pick to entice the Browns. There are reports that the Browns intend to move him to another unsuspecting sucker.