NFL Leadership Scratching Heads Over TV Viewer Decline

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Television viewership is down in the NFL this season and there is plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth, along with countless expert opinions of why this is so.

We therefore offer some of our insights, even though we do not use the adjective expert when we engage in objective self-description.

A 60-minute football game takes 3-1/2 hours to watch.
During those 60 minutes, the amount of time where an actual play is being run is about six minutes.
The rest of the time is spent in meetings by the referees to determine if some infraction of the rules actually took place, reviewing video replays to ascertain whether or not the correct ruling was made of the legitimacy of pass completions, ball possession, scores, and most egregiously, adverts by NFL sponsors.
Equally egregious, in our opinion, even between plays, the broadcasters are touting future broadcasts of college games, or other network programming promos, so that the entire viewing experience feels like one continuous 3-1/2 commercial.

It is becoming so excruciating to watch an entire NFL telecast that there is little wonder viewers are switching channels, or simply saying bugger this to the entire affair.