NFL Player Possibly Shoots Self in Foot

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Details are still murky, but anyone who has ever handled or fired a handgun will probably reach the somewhat obvious conclusion, based on the trajectory of the bullet, that the Denver Bronco’s defensive back Aqib Talib leg wound was self-inflicted and the result of an accidental discharge of the weapon.

What was a member of the NFL World Championship Broncos doing outside a Gentleman’s (strip) Club at 3 a.m. Sunday morning?

That is Talib’s business and would have remained that way if not for the poorly chosen decision to do so carrying a concealed weapon.

Why did Talib feel the need to carry a concealed weapon to a place where many of the participants conceal very little?

Well, it is the U.S. after all, and on top of that, Texas, where everyone is entitled to carry high-capacity military-grade concealed weapons on the chance that someone might try to take the last remaining container of milk at the grocer.

Was Talib’s wound, in fact, self-inflicted?

Not in the sense that he deliberately shot himself, but the description of the wound, with the bullet entering the back of his right thigh and exiting out his right calf, seems to be exactly what could be expected from an accidentally discharged handgun concealed in the waistband at the small of the back.