NFL’s Minnesota Vikings Billion Dollar Stadium Defects

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Anyone who had the opportunity to observe the recent Sunday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers might have been struck by the oddity of seeing Vikings’ running back Adrian Peterson being carried from the field by two assistant coaches when Peterson tore the meniscus in his knee.

It was odd because injuries of that nature usually result in an electric cart being used to assist the injured player off.

Yet here was Peterson, during the debut of the Viking’s $1 billion spanking new stadium, being helped off like a high schooler.

The U.S. Bank Stadium, as the new facility is called, is a Taj Mahal amongst NFL venues, but it seems as though the builders neglected to design space for a cart to help an injured player back to the locker room. Instead, he was escorted along a walkway that passes through a restaurant where well-heeled fans can get up close and personal with the players.

Fortunately, the restaurant was populated with Vikings’ supporters. One shudders to imagine what could happen if Aaron Rogers or Clay Matthews had had to navigate a gauntlet of inebriated Vikings fans. They could very well suffer injuries far in excess of those that required them to leave the game in the first place.

A billion dollars does not go nearly so far as it once did in today’s NFL.