NFL’s NFC Standings More Clear Cut Than AFC Picture

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We examined the standings in the AFC of the NFL yesterday and today, heading into week 11 of the 2016 NFL season, we will look at the picture in the NFC.

Of the 16 teams that make up the National Football Conference, only the Dallas Cowboys of the NFC East seem to be showing any kind of dominance. Their two young rookies, unlike those occupying similar positions with the 2015 Champion Denver Broncos, have been far beyond expectations. Both quarterback Dax Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliot are league leaders at their respective positions.

The Seahawks lead the NFC West with six victories; only the San Francisco 49ers are completely out of contention with a 1 – 8 record.

The NFC North is a three-team race, with the Lions, Vikings and Packers all relevant to the playoffs, although five wins is the most any of those three can claim.

The NFC South is in control by the Atlanta Falcons, with the Buccaneers and Saints within contact, but those two teams always seem to shoot themselves in the foot and lose inexplicably, such as last week, when the Saints lost to the Broncos on a blocked extra point returned by the Broncos for a two-point conversion in the waning seconds of the game, the sort of play that may never again be seen.