Nick Percat Wins Controversy Marred Clipsal 500

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No one could justifiably complain, so long as entertainment was the desired outcome, about the Clipsal 500 V8 Supercars event just concluded in Adelaide.

Torrential rain falling throughout the race created confusion and controversy enough for an entire season has several team owners and experienced members calling for an elimination of the fuel drop rule that forced cars to pit for petrol whether it was needed or not.

The second and third-place getters in the race were stripped of their positions for having neglected to stop for fuel.

Some race officials reported that if a race is declared a wet race, the fuel drop rule should be dropped. In the case of the Clipsal 500, shortening the race from 78 to 50 laps, along with fuel-conserving lower speeds necessitated by wet conditions, meant that the mandatory two stops for fuel was unnecessary.

An even larger contributor to the mess was the race starting with many teams, drivers, broadcasters and fans unaware that it had indeed started, most assuming that a race does not start until the safety car leaves the track.

Race winner Nick Percat was the beneficiary of winning from the middle of the pack when the leaders were forced from the track in order to comply with the fuel drop rule.