Nigerians Ordered to Remain Virtuous and Celibate at FIFA WC

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The Argentinians may be on the prowl, armed with an FA instructional manual on how to score with the Russian women, but Nigeria is taking the opposite tack, with Coach Gernot Rorh issuing a proclamation that the Nigerian squad will under no circumstances be permitted to fraternize with the local lovelies.

Yes, the players can have their wives and family come to visit them at the World Cup,” Rorh said.“However, I won’t allow them to have Russian girls, no, no, no. Only captain Mikel who has a Russian partner can come with her.”

That last bit may have been lost in translation. We think Rorh may have meant to say “him,” but in this day and age of gender confusion, we are not entirely certain.

In what seems to supply a microcosm of the chasm between European and Australian football, Denmark has given the axe to a PL star, Southampton’s Pierre-Emile Hojberg when the squad reduced from 35 to 27 players.

Southampton faced relegation this season past, but Hojberg, just 23, but still able to boast of 21 senior international appearances and 28 in the Premier League, was unable to pass muster with Denmark, one of the sides in the Socceroos Group C.

We had earlier reported that Egypt’s Mohamed Salah was doubtful to be fit in time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament after sustaining a shoulder issue, thought to be torn ligaments, in Liverpool’s Champions League loss to Real Madrid.

Salah is now expressing confidence that he will be fit.

He was hurt by what appeared to be a blatantly cheap shot by Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid, which to some appeared to be a deliberate attempt to injure Salah, although it would not make much sense, given Egypt’s dismal prospects in the tournament.

“It was a very tough night, but I’m a fighter. Despite the odds, I’m confident that I’ll be in Russia to make you all proud,” Salah wrote on his official Twitter account on Sunday.