No Rain in Ranchi Makes Pitch Low and Slow for Test

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Aussie protests of a doctored pitch in Ranchi are apparently without merit according to those familiar with the climate of India.

March heat on the sub-continent equals old pitches and the one in Ranchi needs not a doctor, but a coroner, as an autopsy has revealed no signs of plant life.

Curator SB Singh is not guilty of doing anything underhanded; he simply does not have the water to produce a surface that will last the course.

As it is, it would appear that the few remaining elephants in India have found a favourite grazing spot, although the highly intelligent mammals probably should have moved along to greener pastures some time ago before completely denuding this spot.

“Schedule the matches post-monsoon,” would seem to be the refrain coming from the desert otherwise known as Ranchi and not even Moses, let alone the ICC, could find water without divine intervention.

One thing is certain regarding playing conditions, the bounce will be slow and the bounce will be low in a city that has seen nil in the way of moisture since October.

According to Sportsbet, India holds pronounced favourtism at $1.57 to $4.15 for Australia.

The best strategy, it would seem, is win-toss-bat-first and let the other side try to chase, as low and slow is the order of the day for Ranchi pitches, regardless of anything the curators did or did not do.