Novak Djokovic Wins Miami Open Appears Unstoppable

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Tennis punters who lack a keen sense of humour, meaning that they lack the ability to take a Djokovic, would be well advised to keep their pocketbooks deep within their pockets, because backing anyone else to win a tennis tournament at this point seems to be a futile gesture.

Djokovic won the Miami Open for the sixth time, tying him with Andre Agassi. He has won the big prize money tournament five times out of the last six years. The last time he lost, in 2013, he went out in the fourth round to mainly unheralded Thomas Haas of Germany.

The win moved Djokovic ahead of Roger Federer for the all-time prize money lead, a position Federer has occupied for the last eight years. Djokovic will soon pass the $100 million mark and only Federer’s current $98 million is in the same region.

Not only is Djokovic not losing matches, he seldom loses a set. He has dropped only eight sets in his last 10 tournaments and did not lose even one in Miami. He has won nine of the last 10 tournaments in which he played. His only loss, if it could legitimately be called one, was when he was forced to abandon the tournament in Dubai because of an eye infection.