NRL Coach Swap Drama Reaches Modern Day Conclusion

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Hardly one who could be accused of excessive reticence, Wayne Bennet has had his say regarding his move to Sydney to take over as head of the South Sydney Rabbitohs for the Telstra 2019 NRL Premiership competition.

The saga that had played out over the course of months of speculation regarding Bennett’s swap of coaching positions with Anthony Seibold had a 21st century resolution.

Bennett learned of his sacking via a voicemail from the Broncos. He might have seen who was calling on his caller ID and decided to avoid taking the call and the Broncos can certainly be credited with having the manners to leave a message.

But, was it a Robo-Call?

Bennett told Channel 9 that he was okay how the scenario unfolded.

“No, I’m not sad,” he said.“I knew what the ending would be.”

He did not seem interested in airing grievances or that he had been the victim on unfair portrayals. “Right now, I’m on my way to Sydney, I’m going to a new club and I’m pretty excited about all that,” he said.

The Broncos finished seventh on the 2018 NRL ladder and with his stature, Bennet did not need to be concerned about being sent to some place like Parramatta, although it could be said that he would have provided an immediate boost for the Eels.

Anthony Seibold kept a positive perspective on the whole situation and it is reasonable to conclude that while he is moving down the ladder in exchanging the Bunnies for the Red Hill gang, a coaching gig in the NRL with a top eight club beats no job at all, any day.

Seibold takes his Coach of the Year status up to the land of the banana benders and has committed himself to putting the turmoil of the last several months in the past.

Bennett seemingly got what he wanted, in spades. He was after a simple, one-year extension with the Broncos, but he got five years from South Sydney.