NRL Drama Around Cleary and Son Assumes Biblical Proportions

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After 20 rounds of the Telstra 2018 NRL premiership competition, the South Sydney Rabbitohs have hopped to the top of the ladder, which means just one thing.

Time for Anthony Siebold to start looking for his next situation.

Or, does that admonition only apply to coaches outside the top four?

In other NRL news, Wests Tigers chairwoman Marina Go does not have a high opinion of the Panthers’ pursuit of Ivan Cleary and has vowed that the Tigers will put up a battle to retain Cleary.

If recent reports were to be given any credence, it would seem all they need to do to gain Cleary’s undying loyalty is to wrest his son Nathan away from Penrith.

It all sounds somewhat biblical, after a fashion. Just substitute Abraham and Issac for Ivan and Nathan.

In our view, this sort of speculation surrounding player and coach movements during the height of the season should be done away with, but who are we to say?

It seems odd that a coach of a fifth-ranked team would be given the axe, but oddity and the NRL seem to go hand-in-hand.

Word leaked that Cleary the Elder had been in contact with the Panthers through their Chairman, David O’Neill.

One version of the conversation comes from Panthers’ GM Phil Gould, who maintained that O’Neill was interested in buying Cleary’s house in Penrith.

There are no NRL prohibitions concerning the transfer of real estate, so far as we know.

Marina Go went so far as to say the house was subterfuge for a chance to dangle a move to the Panthers from Wests by Cleary.

“Obviously I think it’s really poor form that the Panthers have approached our coach when he still has two years on his contract,” Go told League Life.

From the Panthers’ perspective, they seem more interested in holding on to Cleary the Younger, but both of them have expressed a desire to work together at some point.

“Dad, can I borrow the keys to the club?”