NZRL Looking for Someone to Take World Cup Coaching Reins

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There is a job opening for a rugby coach, in case anyone is interested.

Decent pay, but long hours, intense pressure to perform and living in a fishbowl 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year, 366 if you last until 2020 and incessant criticism are the key perks of the job.

Even after you leave, the criticism, from outside and inside, will never completely go away.

That is the lot in life of David Kidwell, the goat for the lack of results for the Kiwi side that lost to Tonga and Fiji in the Rugby League World Cup.

Kidwell is off contract and has not been-resigned.

The NZRL is looking for a successor and has mounted an international serach, perhaps in the hopes that they can find an unsuspecting candidate who does not know that even if the top prize is achieved, there will be no shortage of critics quick to say, “Yes, but…”

The possibility of Kidwell returning was not completely ruled out, but Kidwell himself does not intend to reapply.

“The tough lessons are the ones you learn the most from — and I’ve had a lifetime’s worth of tough lessons over the past year or so,” Kidwell said.“With the shake-up of the Kiwis set-up that is bound to follow from the review of our World Cup campaign, if I were to continue as coach I’m sure I would be better positioned to make a positive contribution to the success of the test team going forward.I believe the review of our World Cup campaign has been fair. I was given a good hearing by the panel and while the report identifies my shortcomings, it also highlights many of the things I did well. I’m in no doubt I’ll be a stronger and better coach, taking on board the panel’s comments.”

A panel of four is scrutinising credentials for a new coach and today is the last day for those who want the thankless job to submit their applications.