Oates has Time to Ponder a Future with Other NRL Clubs

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Without much to do in the city of Brisbane, with the NRL and AFL clubs now idle until 2019, the news of the day is that Broncos winger Corey Oates has no fewer than four rival NRL clubs interested in obtaining his services.

The Dragons and the Titans are two of those clubs that would like to see Oates put pen to paper and supply an immediate boost to their fortunes, results-wise, that is, as getting Oates to sign will definitely detract from their financial fortunes.

Oates is out of contract with Brisbane and has not joined another club because he switched his management during the middle of the season.

The Broncos would like to hold onto him. He is just 23, so he has a lot of football ahead of him.

“There’s obviously a few clubs out there that are interested,” Oates told League Life, with nary a trace of humility in his voice, obviously.

“It’s been a tough year for me with the contract and leaving my manager.”

We would like to help out, Corey. We could mail you a cheque or you could start a Go Fund Me drive.

Oates seems to be particular, or for Oates fans, discerning, as it is reported that he turned down an emailed offer from the Canterbury Bulldogs that placed his value around $800,000 per season.

Oates also mentioned that the Cows had a nibble, but that did not result in anything concrete.

It seems as though Oates also wants to dictate where he plays positionally. He wants to move into the second row, but a conversation with Broncos Coach Wayne Bennet may have shifted Oates’ thinking in that regard.

“Wayne pulled me aside after that and said ‘you’re playing wing aren’t ya?’ and I told him I really am happy playing wing now and I’m really starting to enjoy my football. And then he goes ‘righto, well let’s have a bit of fun with it’”, Oates said.