Pacquiao Fiddles Risks Nice Payday for Horn Fight in Brisbane

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Manny (Pac Man) Pacquiao, according the his promoter Bob Arum, has been given a deadline for making his decision on whether or not to fight Jeff (Fighting Schoolteacher) Horn in July at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, or the deal will be considered dead.

The bout had originally been forecast to take place on April 23, but Pacquiao dithered on making up his mind as he attempted to extract his share of a rumoured $49 million purse for a proposed fight in the United Arab Emirates.

That fight would have featured Amir Khan as the opponent and despite Pacquiao’s assertions that it would take place, the arrangement never came to fruition.

Arum reports that he is being besieged by the Queensland Government and the Brisbane City Council, but those entities have given notice that the money they have tabled for the fight was not an open-ended insurance policy to enable Pacquiao to shop for a better bargain.

For Horn, the waiting game is frustrating, but he does have another 12 weeks to devote to his training, even though promoters in South Africa and Qatar have dangled a match in front of Pacquiao with the number 13 contender, Chris Van Heerden, to take place in November.